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Startup Reinvent and DSE Deployment

You are viewing this page because you are participating in one of the DSE mentoring courses. The information here is provided to help you navigate the essential courses and create your own learning path. The forum is an important platform for students to discuss and explore more context for each lesson. The assignments in each course are also crucial for students to generate their own outcomes online and continually refine them after completing the course (accessible through Menu > Course > My-Canvas).

Socializing and Platformizing Your Business Model

Research indicates that modern businesses should incorporate a mix of institutional and communal elements, while functioning as platforms. It’s evident that these two trends are converging, with more instances showing that businesses developed in social and digital contexts inherently align with the principles of this trend, such as social entrepreneurship. The DSE Model seamlessly integrates with traditional business models, transforming them into dual-value platforms that provide social and financial benefits in the digital era.

The Essential courses for DES Mentoring

The three essential courses are composed to support entrepreneurs in the different phases: Startup, Reinvent, and Digital Framework building-adapting Entrepreneurs can choose to participate in one or all three courses within the series, depending on the development stage of their business.

What is The difference between “DSE Framework” and “Digital Transformation”