Lesson:Utilize a butterfly diagram to initiate your passion and actions

What You’ll Achieve:
Utilize a butterfly diagram to unearth your entrepreneurial concept. This lesson aids in pinpointing a startup idea that resonates with your interests and passions. When business models and challenges grow intricate, this diagram remains a dependable guide for taking action.

Next, we’ll transform your Butterfly diagram idea into a Business Model using the Value Canvas tool.

How to use this tool:

  1. The “butterfly diagram” aligns unique strengths with world challenges to craft a compelling brand idea, using two circles for exploration.

  2. Top circle: Identifies global trends, social issues, and industry challenges to find areas for positive impact.

  3. Bottom circle: Uncovers organizational strengths, resources, and capabilities for addressing challenges.

  4. Intersection: Where strengths meet opportunities, creating a compelling value proposition and actionable mission.

  5. Emphasizes adaptability and continuous refinement, guiding responsiveness to market changes, leading to a dynamic business model canvas for your startup

I have a weekly community activity where we gather in a place offered by a friend to engage in activities like sewing and growing mint. How can I transform it into a sustainable business model, even though I don’t wish to earn a lot of money from this?

We have a plan to enhance the quality of social care through a neighborhood network platform. How can I represent it on the butterfly diagram?

If Your are not sure what is your product and Service, try to image people’s needs:gain and pain,in the described in “the problem of your world” who are them to meet these problem?
and find product form their needs and “your special capability” described in Butterfly diagram