Case Study 1-2: Revolou Aroma online community

Each Blocks Business Model Canvas

Customer Segment: Our Value Canvas has been developed to address our customer segment.

Channels: Our channel strategy is outlined in the Lean Startup Canvas.

Revenue Model and Cost Structure: Our Revenue Model and Cost Structure are outlined in the Lean Startup Canvas

Key Activity: Within the Lean Startup Canvas, we’ve identified the problems, solutions, and key metrics, all of which are part of this section. Subsequently, we will create a business and workflow aligned with our key partners and essential resources.

Key Partners: Our key partners comprise essential oil suppliers in Europe and local agents responsible for driving sales within local communities. Furthermore, our core operations team includes the e-commerce and video classroom managers.

Key Resources: Our essential resources encompass her extensive knowledge and exceptional conversational skills, derived from her background as a social worker. Additionally, her trustworthy personality plays a vital role in our daily operations.

How to Build A BUSINESS MODEL deliver social value based on legacy Business Model canvas?