Business Model Canvas: a comprehensive perspective of your business

Nine Building Blocks of the Business Model Canvas:

Customer Segments (Block 1):
The starting point of your business model is understanding your customers. Describe your target customer groups briefly. Who are they, and what are their characteristics?

Value Proposition (Block 2):
Your value proposition addresses what makes your offering unique and valuable to your customers. It answers why customers should choose your product or service over competitors’.

Channels (Block 3):
Channels represent how you reach and communicate with your customers. This could include physical distribution, online presence, advertising, or any other means of interaction.

Customer Relationships (Block 4):
Describe the type of relationship you aim to establish with your customers. Will it be personalized, automated, or self-service? This block helps you understand how you’ll engage and retain customers.

Revenue Streams (Block 5):
Explain how you plan to generate revenue. Identify the pricing strategies or revenue models you intend to use, such as sales, subscriptions, or licensing.

Key Resources (Block 6):
These are the essential assets and resources you need to operate your business effectively. These can include physical assets like equipment, intellectual property, or human resources.

Key Activities (Block 7):
Key activities outline the core tasks your business must perform to deliver its value proposition and generate revenue. This includes production, marketing, distribution, and customer support.

Key Partnerships (Block 8):
Identify the external entities, organizations, or businesses you need to collaborate with to make your business model work. Partnerships can provide crucial resources, expertise, or access to new markets.

Cost Structure (Block 9):
Understand your cost structure by identifying the most significant costs associated with your business. Focus on the resources and activities that drive expenses and could impact your profitability.

How can these legacy business models be included in the SE Business Model Canvas?